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McGown, A. and K. Z. Andrawes (1987). Influence of wall yielding on lateral stresses in unreinforced and reinforced fills. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory Ground Engineering Division.

McLellan, J. C. (1982). Pavement thickness, surface evenness and construction practice. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory.

Megaw, W. M. (1993). A study of the influences on the generation and migration of aggregate fines in an unbound highway pavement, University of Ulster.

Michels, T. E. and C. F. E. Jaarsma (1989). Minor rural roads: planning, design and evaluation: Workshop: Papers. Wageningen, Pudoc.

Middleton, J. and A. H. Rhodes (1991). The dynamic loading of road pavements: a study of the relationships between road-profiles and pavement wear, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Department of Civil Engineering.

Mikkilineni, M. R. (1970). A comparative study of fiber reinforced concrete and plain concrete for pavement construction: a thesis submitted to the faculty of Mississippi State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in the Department of Civil Engineering, State College, Mississippi. Mississippe, University of Mississippi: viii,62p.

Millard, R. S. (1993). Road building in the tropics, HMSO.

Miller, A. J. (1963). A Computer Control System for Traffic Networks. Paper to be read at the Second International Symposium on the Theory of Road Traffic Flow. 1963, pp. ii. 45. Birmingham.

Miller, J. L. (1843). An Outline of the principles and practice of Road Engineering. With. tables and diagrams, and an appendix on. Levelling and Surveying, pp. 28. xi. J. Gilgot: Colombo.

Minton, R. (2000). A new accident database, based on Police Fatal Road Accident Reports: prepared for Vehicle Standards and Engineering and Road Safety Divisions, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, Transport Research Laboratory.

Minton, R. (2000). Police fatal road accident reports: phase II, Transport Research Laboratory.

Mitchell, C. G. B. and A. Frye (1985). Public transport for disabled people: The role of the British Department of Transport. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory Vehicle Engineering Division.

Molloy, E. (1945). Concrete work: dealing with plain and reinforced concrete construction, concrete roads, and road repairs. [S.l.], Newnes.

Money, B. and G. Hodgson (1992). Manual of contract documents for highway works: a user's guide and commentary. London, Telford.

Moore, J. W. (1998). Software engineering standards: a user's road map. Los Alamitos, Calif., IEEE Computer Society: xxiii, 296p.: ill.; 23cm.

Nair, K. P., R. S. Shukla, et al. (1988). Bituminous road construction handbook, Indian Oil Corporation.

Naqvi, M. M. (2003). Design of linear drainage systems. London, Thomas Telford.

National Roads, A. (1995). Notes for guidance on the specification for road works. [Dublin], NRA.

National Roads, A. (1995). Specification for road works. Dublin, NRA.

Neill, C. R. (2004). Guide to bridge hydraulics. London, Thomas Telford.

Nelson, J. D. and D. J. Miller (1992). Expansive soils: problems and practice in foundation and pavement engineering, M. Wiley.

Nes, A. v. and A. E. RÝsnes (2002). Road building and urban change: the effect of ring roads on the dispersal of shop and retail in Western European towns and cities. Doctor scientiarum theses, 0802-3220. As, Norway, Agricultural University of Norway, Department of Land Use and Landscape Planning: xx, 355 p.

Netterberg, F. and P. Paige-Green (1984). Carbonation of lime and cement stabilized layers in road construction. Pretoria, South Africa, National Institute for Transport and Road Research, CSIR.

New, B. M. (1989). Trial and construction induced blasting vibration at the Penmaenbach road tunnel. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory Ground Engineering Division.

Newbery, D. M. G. (1986). The fundamental theorem of road user charges. 6 Duke of York St., SW1Y 6LA, Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Nicholls, J. C. (1990). A review of the effects of using chemcrete in bituminous materials, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Highways Group.

Nicholls, J. C. (1997). Review of UK porous asphalt trials, Highways Agency.

Nicholls, J. C. (1999). Extending the range of durable road surfacings that both provide safety and minimise environmental impact, University of Ulster.

Nicholls, J. C. (2001). Material performance of porous asphalt, including when laid over concrete, Transport Research Laboratory.

Nicholls, J. C., J. F. Potter, et al. (1995). Road trials of thin wearing course materials, civil engineering resource centre Transport Research Laboratory.

Nichols, A. J. (1975). Standard generalized cost parameters for modelling inter urban traffic and evaluating inter urban road schemes: report. [London] ([2 Marsham St., SW1P 3EB]), The Department.

Nicklin, P. and S. Tregear (2000). Soft verges, hard shoulders: poetry on the road. Bognor Regis, Little Big Words Poetry.

Nielsen, C. B. E. (1994). Technology transfer and innovation in road construction: 3rd SPRINT workshop: Papers and programme, Vejteknisk Institut.

Noon, R. K. (1994). Engineering analysis of vehicular accidents. Boca Raton; London, CRC Press.

Northern Ireland Road Authority and Utilities, C. (2004). Code of practice for recording of underground apparatus in streets: a code of practice. Belfast, Stationery Office.

Northern Ireland Road Authority and Utilities, C. (2005). Code of practice for the co-ordination of street works and works for road purposes and related matters: a code of practice approved by the Department for Regional Development under articles 16, 19 and 20 of the Order. Belfast, Stationery Office.

Nunes, M. C. M. (1997). Enabling the use of alternative materials in road construction, University of Nottingham.

Nunn, M. E. (1996). The characterisation of bituminous macadams by indirect tensile stiffness modulus, Transport Research Laboratory.

Nunn, M. E. and T. Smith (1994). Evaluation of a performance specification in road construction, civil engineering resource centre Transport Research Laboratory.

Nunn, M. E. and T. Smith (1997). Road trials of high modulus base for heavily trafficked roads: prepared for Highways Agency, British Aggregate Construction Materials Industries and Refined Bitumen Association, Transport Research Laboratory.

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