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Beusch, A. C., Ed, et al. (1991). International course for engineers and managers of labour-based road construction and maintenance programmes, Infrastructure and Rural Works Branch International Labour Office.

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Blythe, D. W. R. and R. C. Lunniss (1978). Wind effects on simple concrete bridges. Matlock, Derbyshire County Council Sub-unit Midland Road Construction Unit.

Borland, D. (1977). Computer Terminals and their use with the Ices programs in road design, The National Institute for Physical Planning and Construction Research.

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Boulnois, H. P. (1910). Practical Road Engineering for the New Traffic Requirements. Compiled from the special \201CRoads\201D issues of The Surveyor and Municipal and County Engineer, pp. xviii. 140. St. Bride\2019s Press: London.

Boulter, P. G., R. Evans, et al. (1999). Engineering for change, Transport Research Laboratory.

Bovy, P. H. L. and R. Thijs (2000). Estimators of travel time for road networks: new developments, evaluation results and applications. Delft, Delft University Press.

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Brady, K. C. (1987). Performance of a reinforced earth bridge abutment at Carmarthen. Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory Ground Engineering Division.

Brady, K. C. and G. Kirk (1990). The compressibility of a crushed limestone backfill, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Ground Engineering Division.

Brady, K. C., D. A. Barratt, et al. (1990). Performance of experimental reinforced earth structure using soft chalk backfills, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Ground Engineering Division.

Brady, K. C., D. A. Barratt, et al. (1994). The design, construction and instrumentation of the Pen-y-Clip section of the A55, North Wales coast road, Transport Research Laboratory, Bridges and Ground Engineering Resource Centre.

Brady, K. C., G. R. A. Watts, et al. (1990). The effect of vibration on the pull-out resistance of reinforcements in soil, Transport and Road Research Laboratory, Ground Engineering Division.

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Brangan, E. (1976). Streets for Living: proceedings of a conference on residential road design: organised by An Foras Forbartha at Jury's Hotel, Dublin, May 1976. Dublin, Foras Forbartha.

British Cement, A. (1997). Road recycling using cement, British Cement Association.

British Reinforced Concrete Engineering, C. (1921). B.R.C. roads: a photographic record of the use of reinforced concrete in modern road construction. Manchester, British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co.

British Road Tar, A. (1966). Road Construction with Tar: a guide to the choice of specifications, British Road Tar Association.

British Road, F. (1979). No time to stop: the case for the road programme. London, The Federation.

British, S. (1986). National agreement between British Shipbuilders and the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions: dated 22nd October, 1986: wage salary restructuring, harmonisation and productivity: phase 8. [Newcastle-upon-Tyne] ([Benton House, 136 Sandyford Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2 7QR]), [British Shipbuilders].

Brown, E. R. (1988). New pavement materials: Session: Convention: Papers. New York, N.Y., ASCE.

Brown, J. R. (1986). The performance of surfacings for maintaining bituminous roads: A1 Buckden (1975-1982). Crowthorne, Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) Pavement Materials and Construction Division.

Brown, M. (1995). The design of roundabouts. London, HMSO.

Brown, W. C., M. F. Parsons, et al. (1976). Bosporus bridge: design and construction. London, Institution of Civil Engineers.

Buckle, I. G. (1982). Seasonal variations in the thermal response of a concrete box girder bridge. Auckland, Department of Civil Engineering University of Auckland.

Burmah, S. (1932). The engineers handbook of asphalt road construction. Bombay, Burmah-Shell.

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Cabrera, J. G. and J. R. Dixon (1996). Performance and durability of bituminous materials: proceedings of symposium, University of Leeds, March 1994. London, E & FN Spon.

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